About Just Gym

With our team of friendly and approachable staff, Just Gym in Saffron Walden provides members with a spacious exercise environment that boasts a wide range of equipment – lending itself to different training styles for individuals needs. 

When you enter the gym, a member of our team will greet you personally, and with a warm reception, so you can be sure to feel comfortable, and at home. 

Just Gym has a family-friendly culture and ensures that all ages and abilities are catered for and welcomed.

What we do

Young or mature, physically fit or de-conditioned, we have the expertise to deliver results


What our members say
  • 5
    Friendly, welcoming and not at all pretentious. Great PT’s offering help and good advice. If you want to chat and meet new people, this is the place. It also works if you want to do your own thing and train alone - a great gym to join!
    Nickie Hales
  • 5
    Just Gym is amazing. Fantastic clean equipment of which there is a good variety. The staff are friendly, helpful and welcoming. Other members are great as well and it's a gym where you don't mind walking in and working out alone. I love the personal touches that the staff give - simple things like calling you by name. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to join a gym.
    Susan Jane Barwood
  • 5
    I absolutely love Just Gym. It took me 3 yrs to pluck up the courage to step through the door and have a chat with someone about my fitness, and it is the best thing I ever did! Not only do I benefit but my children do too. When they come with me they see people of all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels, they are learning a great life lesson that being healthy, fit and strong is important for your physical and mental health. The staff are very knowledgeable and super friendly too.
    Amy Hart
  • 5
    MORE THAN JUST A GYM! Join this fantastic family-friendly gym. Make friends, have a laugh, gain advice on injuries, mental health, yoga, meditation, and nutrition. You can also bring the children for a chill out while you work out. Great value and lovely knowledgeable supportive trainers.
    Ros Dowrick
  • 5
    Just Gym is there for everyone. Any size, shape, age or ability. The staff always smile and answer any questions you may have. The team are always looking for ways to help the local community and during the 2020 pandemic they have been doing their utmost to keep all members fit and healthy. In my opinion, it’s the best gym around.
    Pat Dodman
  • 5
    As a ‘workout shy’ person myself, I thought I'd never set foot inside a gym again. Fortunately Just Gym is more than a gym, it feels like you’re part of a family - and one that really wants to see you succeed.
    Michelle Lewell
  • 5
    Some gyms are daunting. Just Gym isn't one of them. You are met with a friendly, welcoming smile to a clean and supportive environment. If you want advice on anything, all you have to do is ask. I love it here.
    Steve Feekery
  • 5
    Just Gym provides a supportive atmosphere, range of classes and quality kit for a very reasonable monthly fee. They engage with their members to continually enhance their offering and support the local community as well - a really great gym!
    Elizabeth Green
  • 5
    Not your normal run of the mill gym. The staff are really helpful and go that extra mile to make you feel most comfortable. They are also fantastic and understanding - I have PTSD and they have really supported and helped me to get back on track with my life.
    Ady Green
  • 5
    A friendly, helpful and knowledgeable team who strive to be part of the community as well as looking after their customers. Just Gym does what it says on the tin (and more!) but in a really good way! I have never felt judged, only encouraged and supported. The best gym I’ve ever joined!
    Lyn Gravett Borsberry
  • 5
    Walking into Just Gym there is a sense of belonging, a friendly smile and hello. A super-fit team full of knowledge, tips and advice, ready to help. Whether you're super-fit too, or just want to be - they have the equipment, classes, and personal training sessions, catering for all levels of fitness.
    Laura Siddons
  • 5
    Just Gym is so much more than just a gym, it's a community. A place where you receive full support, encouragement and friendliness every time.
    Hayley Rosina