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"I have been training with James for a couple of years now. I wasn't new to exercise & had personal training previously, but James is by far the most experienced & committed trainer around.


Within a very short time I noticed a rapid change in my body & was finally building some muscle & reaching the goals I had set. I've never dreamt I could have the level of fitness & wellness at my age. With James dedication & commitment & knowledge he helped me achieve my dream goal & in 2017 I placed 3rd in my first ever competition. Something I would have never thought to achieve on my own. 


What I love most about James is he always makes sure my technique is correct to avoid any injuries. He is willing to share his expert knowledge.


James is very inspirational & I cannot recommend him enough"


"I've had the privilege of working with James for the past 4 years. He is everything one could wish for in a PT.

He takes genuine interest, is an increadibly skilled coachis unusually adept at listening & is an increadibly skilled coach.

As a result, goals are consistently achieved & personal bests get smashed.

Cheerful, but demanding. Happy to meet you wherever you are (in my case pregnancy) but exacting enough not to leave you there, both honest & suppportive. Totally committed to his clients & accessible. And he's funny. He absolutely goes above & beyound every time"



"I booked a block of 10 PT sessions with Andy & I am so pleased with my progression.

Andy has amazing knowledge & I have learnt so much &now feel much more confident.

I started wanting to be able to do a chin, I can now do 5 chin ups! I now look forward to continuing working with Andy"



"Working with Andy on my fitness has been & continues to be great. He has been nothing but encurraging & supportive of my well being... not just my muscles.

My confidece & ability has increased dramatically & with guidance from andy I am able to progress to more & more developed exercises"



"Two years ago before I had ever entered a gym, I had no cofidence that I could lift weights, and I thought it was impossible that I could ever put on muscle mass. When I first met Ryan, he immediately put me at ease & set out realistic & achievable exercise plans for me. Along the way Ryan would always check how I was progressing & make sure I was doing okay, but without putting any pressure on me. He has taught me everything I know about fitness & weight lifting, & I know that no question will be too stupid for him. Two years later I literally look & feel like a different person"



Testimonials to follow


"I originally got involved with Poppy as she teaches dancing, & I had just been cast in a local musical, so needed her help improving my stamina & fitness to keep up with the dancing moves.


The training I have recieved has been excellent as Poppy has pushed me to my limits, which is something my boxing coach used to do.


If you are serious about changing your body you need to work intensively, & Poppy can do that now she has teasted her regimes out on me!"



Testimonials to follow


Testimonials to follow


"Sometimes numbers make things clearer...

18  the number of months Ben has been encouraging + guiding me

40 the body fat mm I have lost. Down to 27mm

24 the number of kilos I have lost in weight

19 the number of cm lost of my waist

2 the number of clothes sizes I am down, XL is now a medium


I could go on but the numbers speak for themselves. Every measurement I had taken 18 months ago is down + has stayed down.

Ben is a great motivator + helps keep me on target one week to the next. Without a doubt, I could achieve more if i followed his nutrtional advice but that is a lifestyle choice of mine. However I eat far more sensibly than before + that helps.


I achieve so much more during the sessions with Ben than working alone, but use his advice + programmes to keep me on track in between.

Anyone thinking of using Ben as a personal trainer, I would say go for it! You will not regret it."


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