Saffron Bootcamp

Simon Drew is the founder of Saffron Bootcamp and leads the classes here at JustGym. Sport and fitness has been a big part of his life for well over 35 years and he has a vast background in both the physical and mental side of human performance. He has a wide variety of qualifications and experience. His classes are generally high energy and unique each and every time. He always works with you to you ensure you work to the best of your ability, whatever your age and fitness level. Simon brings out the best in you and continually works to improve your skill level. The mix of experience and sense of fun mean most of the classes despite being hard work, leave customers feeling drained and elated in equal measure.



1 hour £40
10 hours £370
1 half hour £25


I’ve never stuck at a class so consistently for so long. I love it and so much of that is down to the atmosphere, no judgement, ‘everyone be who you are and do your best’ space that you create. You're great at what you do.
Henri Stevenson

I joined Simon about three years ago and found him to be the most supportive person and surprisingly to me, I started to love bootcamp! I do have a mental block around lifting weights ('I can’t...') and Simon is always encouraging and patient! I rejoined Simon this month after about 18 months 'break' and have fitted back in straight away.
Sally Allan

I felt very welcome from day one & love your bootcamps, I came from a different one before & despite work now running free bootcamps still continue to come to Saffron bootcamp as I love the workouts & feel like I get a lot from Simon in the sessions which makes them worth the money.
Amy Metcalfe

Varied, fun activities with an emphasis on correct technique to avoid injury - and graded to suit each individuals fitness level and ability - and a great community to boot!
Ron Wilkinson

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