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Aptitude Fitness was founded by Ben Stapleton. He believes in pushing you past your comfort point to reach you goal. There is no point trying if you aren't going to push yourself. Keeping clients working at 100% will help them realise the work they need to put into their workout and their selves.



Bens Prices

1 hour £35
4 hours £135
8 hours £265
12 hours £385
1 half hour £17.5
8 half hours £135



I have been training weekly sessions with Ben for 4 months now & I am so pleased with the results... my measurements have always fallen & since starting I have lost over 10kg, something I never have thought possible.

Although I am not following a strict nutrition diet, I am eating far more sensibly, cutting out daily puddings I was eating at work to start with & then almost all of the obvious things like biscuits & cake. Now I am far more careful & only have the occasional treat to make sure I don't undo the hard work.



Although I exercised regulary and thought I was pretty fit, this picture taken at my son's birthday party really shocked me! I had put on three pounds in the last three years without realising it. I downloaded the 'My Fitness Pal' appat Bens suggestion and ate normally for the first week. By logging all my food I saw how many calories I was eating (around 3k) and with Bens help came up with a plan to reduce my intake (particulary carbs).

I have still enjoyed eating and the odd glass of wine, but have learnt to think about my food and plan ahead. Once I started to see results, it spured me on to continue and I have now lost just over two stone. I also have more energy- which is just aswell because Bens workouts or really challanging! 


To find out more about ben,

- Check out his website http://www.aptitude-fitness.co.uk/#home

- Take a look at the meet the team page on the JustGym website

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