Wear the Bear for children in need

For this years Children in need appeal we decided to give the power over to our members.

We held a sponored poll to see who they wanted to see wear the bear costume on Children In Need day. 

Members paid £2 per vote to nominate somone to wear the bear suit.

This has to be one of our most fun fundrasing times so far, with no shortage of memebrs wishing to see their favourite trainer in the bear suit.

After a close call it was decided the top 3 names would share wearing the bear.

James won with 67 votes, follwed by Ben with 46 and Alex and Andy in 3rd with 44 votes each.

A massive thank you to all our wonderful memebrs who raised £606.10!!!


Waldens Biggest Loser 

After 7 years, its back. And its BETTER THAN EVER! 

10 Contestants all here to better themselves and their lifestyles in 10 weeks.

They are induring class after class. Session after session. Workout after workout. A lot of nutritan advice and guidence. And are seeing a huge chance in themselves along the way! 


This year, the money raised is for Arthur Rank Hospice. To reach our Target of £3000 all of our biggest losers have been sponcered by local companies and the whole event has been sponcered by SGA technologies. Along with all of this, a just giving page has been set up with sponsor buckets in the gym.


July 7th is the Fun 5km Event and our contestants are training hard and pusing themselves to their limits.



Meet Our Biggest Loser Contestants 2019!!


Andy's Half Marathon

This March, Manager Andy took on a huge challange and ran Half a Marathon in Cambridge for Maggies.


The day was wet and rain was falling, but that didnt stop him from reaching his goal. 

Time: 1:42:14

Money Raised: £432.21


A Big Well Done Andy! From Everyone At JustGym

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