This November: 8 Guys, all baby faced. 30 Days, 8 big(ish) mustache's. A whole lot of money raised!! 


Alex, James, Ben, Andy, Simon, Ryan, Gareth and Michael all spent Novmeber growning their "Mo's" to raise awareness of prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health issues among men. 

Starting with those who already had them to shave first! 


An online fund raiser was made making £360 along with a coin buckets around the gym. 

JustGym Rounders 2018


Rounder 2018 was a masive success. 4 teams, 10 team players and who even knows how many games played!

It was a good laugh on the common in the sunshine on a perfect day with two hours of games.

Highlights are definitely the slide tackles, and ice bucket over Olivia's head and our ref (Ben) being more interested in sun bathing than watching the match!


Our teams were

Andy's Burgandy Team

Poppy's Purple Team,

Olivia's Blue Team 

Simon's Grey Team




We want to say a big thank you to all those who came and played and also suported us! Hope you are ready for Rounders 2019


April 2018- Squat Challange


April brought back the Squat Challange. We had a huge starting number of those wanting to accomplish this years challange and more than half of these finished and got a Squat Challange t-shirt or water bottle. 

Well done to all those that finished and we hope to see more of you next year!

27th-28th January 2018 - Open Day

Over the weekend of the 27th-28th of January, JustGym held its open day for the new JustGym 2.0.


All the classes where running thughout the days for people to come along and try to get a feel of the gym. We even introduced a new class. Body Control with Lorna. And the turn out was amazing! 

Not only did we have a great turn out to the classes, we also managed to smash last years January member sign-up total (by quite some way)


The staff here at JustGym would like to thank everyone who came down to support us and sign up! 



Any questions?

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01799 510766


Or use our contact form.

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