1st February 2014 - Great Ormond Street Hospital Rower+Skierg Challenge




Our first Charity Event of 2014 was for Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) Charity. For this we Rowed and Skied 1000m for every year GOSH had been open, totalling 160,000m. This was our 5th Charity Event and our first with new team members Deb and Jack.

After rowing and skiing outside Tesco for a whole day, through the help and generosity of the general public, JustGym managed to raise £900!

27th Feb 2014 - Squat Challenge




Starting 27th February 2014, 80 hardened gym members took part in our 4 week squat challenge. Each person who completed the challenge won a 'JustGym Squat Challenge' t-shirt! Over the course of the 4 weeks, each person completed over 1000 squats!

10th March 2014 - Press Up Challenge




On the 10th of March 2014, the press up challenge began, in which 10,000 press ups were to be completed by anyone at any time, the prize being 3 new benches.

On the 1st April the challenge was completed! Fantastic effort from all the members that contributed.

10th May - 10th June 2014 - Summer Challenge





From 10th May - 10th June, JustGym ran its Summer Challenge. The Challenge consisted of a bike ride, partner squats, step ups, shoulder press, sit ups and planks. The prize for this simple challenge was massive and included a swinging garden chair! Karen Saunders was the winner, congratulations!

11th June - 25th June 2014 - FIFA World Cup Challenge





For our World Cup Challenge, we picked a Game of the Day everyday throughout the group stages. Members predicted the result of this game then completed a challenge that was attached to their prediction. 1 point was rewarded for the correct guess. After 15 days, Danny Murphy-Moore had the most points, and won Carnival Tickets to Saffron Walden's '8dayweekend'!

5th + 6th July 2014 - Saffron Walden 8dayweekend Carnival




We were in the Carnival's 'Procession of Nations' on Saturday 5th July 2014 with JustGym's first ever float! On the Sunday we took part in the Soap Box Derby, Tug of War and had a stall on the common with challenges and prizes to be won. A great weekend!

October 2014 - Diabetes Month + Raffle



We held our first 'Health Awareness' month through October, starting with Diabetes. We teamed up with the 3 doctors surgeries in town and offered people with diabetes a month's use of the gym and 4 personal training sessions.

Towards the end of the month, we held a torture raffle with all members of staff undergoing various 'torture' challenges from the raffle winners.

Lot's of fun and laughs were had and we managed to raise £580 for Diabetes UK!

1st - 24th December 2014 - JustGym Advent Calendar!




For our christmas challenge this year, we decided to make an advent calendar! Our take on the christmas tradition included different exercise challenges behind each door. There were 6 different pictures relating to different category of exercise. Simply open the door, pick a card to the corresponding category, and complete the challenge!

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